Passion leads the way!

Leather craftsman, sculptor, woodworker and 30 years as an artistic director: my heart has always been animated by art. Now a painter, I am committed to making this adventure a success.

Just like water, there is neither a beginning nor an end. Just the joy of blending colors!

Brief academic journey

Already in high school, my creative abilities were recognized. As a teenager, I participated in my first exhibitions as a leather craftsman. It was thanks to this income that I bought my first 35mm camera. From then on, I began to explore photography.

Subsequently follow a college degree in arts and a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Université Laval. From there, I launched my graphic design business “Pur Design”. I will there learn discipline, discover my abilities for balancing graphic elements in a composition, and perfect my listening skills with clients to convey the effective message.