Creative Approach

Water, mirror of my soul

My brushes glide along, revealing pieces that evoke serenity. uthentic reflection of my seaside observations, sweet memories of my nine-month sailing trip to the Bahamas. A way to share my introspection following this key navigation.

Painting the sea and sailboats, my freedom!

The color blue catches the eye, the subject unveils the purity of an emotion and the subtle details generate discussions.

The balance of shapes and colors is the basis of my work. The quality of my compositions has evolved through my work as a graphic designer. Acrylic is the medium I use. The short drying time requires brief and well-controlled interventions. I find this same in navigation, where you must think fast and adapt quickly.

In fact, my progression in the art world is off to a great start!

My works are available all year round Galerie Québec Art and Galerie d’art Douce Passion to Place Royale (Québec area), as well as the Galerie d’art Le Vivoir to Saint-Jean-Port-Joli. and in Galerie d’art Le Hangart (Montreal region).

Christian Roy, artiste peintre

Christian Roy, painter